Why now ?

I lost my mum to metastsatic breast cancer exactly three years and three months ago to the day. I know she would hate to think of me still grieving for her. I have good days and bad days but the bad days seem to be getting worse somehow. Does anyone else feel this way ?


My mum died just under a year ago. It has uprooted everything and it is like I died along with my mum. Eight months later, my grandmother (my mum’s mum who also raised me) died. These days I break down more often and I have days where I isolate completely. Please find comfort in knowing that your grief is valid, and you don’t have to feel like you have to ‘‘move on.’’ We move with and forward with our grief. We cannot move on from loving our deceased parents, spouses, siblings etc. Then what is the point of love? What you are feeling is completely normal, and I hope you are surrounded with people who do not try to fix, but give you the space to truly grieve. Take care of yourself xx


Bless you for this heartfelt reply and the validation I need, truly xxx

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