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My dad died 3 years ago and my mom has died in the last 11 months. They were 67 & 68. I had a week off work after losing mom then went back but struggled but felt I had to as had only been in this new job a month. They have been amazing though. However mom and dad’s house has sold and due to complete this Friday but even though I need this closure to help me move on I’ve sort of had a meltdown since last week. I went to the doctor today who confirmed I’m not goin mad and it’s all normal. I think I know that but I can’t seem to stop the tears falling… Jayne

Hello Jayne,

I’m so very sorry to hear that your dad died 3 years ago and your mom in the last 11 months. I can’t begin to imagine what you’re going through at the moment, but please know you’re not alone here.

Your doctor is right and what you’re experiencing is completely normal. The sale of your parents house, which I’m sure holds many memories for you, is bound to trigger a number of different emotions. And even though you need that closure, it’s still okay to feel how you do.

Keep talking to us if it helps and let me know if I can support you in any way.

Take care,

Hello Jayne

Just wanted to say hi. You are not alone and the tears sound perfectly normal to me considering everything you have been through.

I do understand as I lost my dad in May 17 and my mum May this year. It’s been hell is a quick summary.

I think the selling of their home is a natural trigger for all the emotions you are feeling. If I can offer some advice, I would just let them all flow.

I have a theory that we all have so many tears to let out while grieving so we might as well keep the tap open rather than bottling them up…

Take care. This site has helped me a lot so I hope it helps you too.

Ann x

My mum died I feel so lost and alone not able to function properly.

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