It’s 8 weeks since I lost my soul mate. We were married for 39 years.
I am waiting for the coroners inquest but feel the NHS let him down…so many missed opportunities
( this is hard to say as I have worked in the NHS for 25 years).
I don’t know what will be worse? Knowing that interventions could have saved him or that there’s was nothing that could have been done…either way I still have the same outcome. :smiling_face_with_tear:



I was in a similar situation & I wondered if I should just leave it & not push for answers but in the end I felt I owed it to my husband to have my questions answered & hope that lessons were learnt for other patients, so I know I did the right thing however hard it was too hear but in that hospital & other hospitals I’ve seen the same mistakes made since which angers me, I have no time for the nurses strikes, if you don’t find out the answers you will always wonder, we all need an element of closure, so all you can do is take a deep breath & get through the inquest the best you can.

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Flower _garden
I will and see what answers I get. I just wonder how many peoples life’s could have been saved and we don’t get to hear about each case. Maybe I’m wrong as I haven’t got the facts yet but I will pursue until I’m sure.
It won’t bring him back but at the moment I feel robbed!

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Yes I understand, until my husbands death I totally trusted hospitals & it never crossed my mind that you might not get treated as you should be however I’m trying to not let my mistrust get the better of me going forward.

It’s going to be hard for you but once you know there will be nothing you will sit worrying about?

It might be that nothing comes out of the inquest & your mind is put to rest & you can grieve without this hanging over you.

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