Widow at 35

Hi everyone and lovely to meet you. I have found my husband dead on the sofa on the 28th of January 2019. Im in shock and disbelief, panick did not set in but i know it will after the funeral which will be on the 11th of february if all goes to plan. He was 52 and he had a massive heart attack, which apparently was not his first. He also had aterosclerozis and an enlarged heart. We were not aware of any heart or circulatory issues however i m tempted to blame the GP of neglect.

Thank God that groups like these exist.
Take care, everyone.

Hello Ozeki. What an awful experience for you and I am so sorry. It must have been such a shock. I knew I was going to lose my husband I thought I had prepared myself for the outcome but it is so hard. I watched a good, kind man suffer such pain and didn’t understand it. I lost faith. However I lost my father at 49 as you did your husband and I couldn’t understand why a fit, sport loving, non drinking/smoking man could go so suddenly sat in his armchair. I don’t think I ever understood what my mother must have gone through, now I wish I could tell her how sorry I am for not offering more support. We just don’t understand why do we. Yes, you are right groups like this are a godsend and I hope we can help you through a difficult time. We all understand as no one else can. God bless.

Thank you, Patty for your kind words. Only God can strenghten us through this. Xxx

Hello ozeki I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, I lost my husband and soulmate and best friend on 22nd November 2018 very suddenly,it was such a shock, he was in hospital with sepsis but was getting better I had just been to see him and he was ok when I left but by the time I had got home I got a call from the hospital to say he had collapsed and died. I am 44 and he was 62, we were married for 23 years, I know how you feel being young and losing your lovely husband, we had all this plans for the future and now that’s all gone, take every day as it’s comes, that’s what I’m doing, it’s hard but you have to carry on as your husband would of wanted it Hope the funeral goes ok on the 11th, special thoughts send to you xx

Dear Angie,

Im so sorry for your loss! This is anyones worst nightmare.

Because I have found him dead in our house, and he was dead for a few hours, I am petrified of sleeping by myself in the house, very stupid, I know, but I am a very fearful anxious person. So now i have to drive every evening to different friends to sleep, and since i have ME ths is just chrushing me even more. I wish we would have both died in a car crush.

The only thing that keeps me going is the faith that he is with God and at peace now, and that maybe I will go to him sooner than I think.

Big hug and hang on in there. If you need to talk , im here. Xxxx

The same for you, if you need to talk private message me. Take care angie xxx

Hi I lost my soul mate on the 17th Sept 17 we d been together 27 years I found him he looked to asleep. He d got through pneumonia and servived stomach cancer. But apparently had heart disease which ended in a heart attact but he died in his sleep he was only 53yrs.Iv been sleeping on the sofa ever since but am trying to get back to bed.
Everyday is a new day I take it one step at a time I’ still can’t get my head around him not being here and can’t believe I won’t see him again so I have to believe that we will be together again.
It’s hard but just take it one step at a time xx

Dear Sue,

What a terrible thing to go through.

Yesterday evening i had the revelation he is gonne and i wont see, hear or hug him again, and desperation and a panick attack hit me. It is hurrendous.

And this irrational fear of bring in the house by my own burdens me so much.

The only way we can carry on is by encouraging ourselves that we will meet again in Gods presence. And it might be sooner than we think. We could die unexoectedly also, so lets try to use all this energy towards something positive until its our time also.

Until we reach that point if some sort of balance, we will have to ho through hell…