Widowed on wedding day

Two months on and I’m still in shock. My beautiful girl died aged 41 on our wedding day. I knew we wouldn’t have for ever, but I thought we would have a few years yet. She held on long enough to check ’ is it legal? ’ before the district nurses arrived and advised me that we would be best moving her to a hospice. They had already arranged a bed. She died in Sue Ryder Manorlands eight hours after we were married . The staff tell me it’s not uncommon for someone to hold on until they’ve achieved a goal. My world upside down. We had only had 3 1/2 years together, 2 Years of that had been a battle against cancer. Feeling very alone in these dark nights . I’ve only just found this forum tonight.

HI beaupoet , i am sorry for your loss, i am only ten days in to this all i can call it is totall pain all day and night i havnt even berried my husband yet we also thought we would have more time together but sadly he couldnt hold on any longer after a 5 month battle with cancer i feel your pain and i just want my pain to go away my husband was my soulmate for 27 years xx

Sorry to hear about your husband Vicky. Those first weeks are such a rush of emotions and sorting- I can barely recall them. In the coming weeks you will have time to reflect, but it is so so difficult. It’s good to know there are others in the same situation. Winter and Christmas make it even harder. Take care x

Hi I’m sorry to hear of your loss. I married much husband in Sept last year and he died after a 2 year battle with cancer in June this year. We didn’t get to celebrate our first wedding anniversary or any of the other goals we had set ourselves. I feel cheated and angry that such a wonderful man has been taken at just 54. Every day is a struggle and I’m 6 months on. I’ve always hated Christmas but this year is just too much to cope with. My sympathies are with you.

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