Widows grant

Can anyone help me?my husband died of cancer two years ago.i was sent paperwork about the payment to help with the funeral etc but tbh I was in such a state of depression that I shoved it on a drawer and kept thinking I’ll fill it in tomorrow but never did.i found it very hard and still do some days to just get out of bed and function.had little help from the doctor due to the pandemic but I know sitting in a chair for 12 hours a day without doing anything isn’t normal.i don’t think the people who send out these forms realise the state some of us are in and I just couldn’t do anything for days at a time.sometimes I can’t do the dishes or tidy up.i suppose it’s too late now and I can’t apply for this grant but I really could do with the money :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi Krys,
I think you may be too late to apply for the bereavement payment I am sure you only get a three month window which is crazy because as you say we are all in a state of shock for a long time after our loss and filling in forms is the last thing on our minds. I did it online and got a lump sum of £2500 and £100 a month for 18 months because obviously the government think you are no longer a widow after that time scale :rage: All I can suggest is ringing the benefits office and seeing if it is still possible for you to apply, inform them you have been ill with depression and not capable of doing any paperwork until now. I would also ask if there are any other benefits you may be entitled to which would help you financially, you never know :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Thanks Guys but I doubt I’ll get anything,I claimed the self employment grant but cos of the state of my mind I didn’t realise I had to claim for each one,I thought it would be done automatically.so once I realised I did apply for it but they just said I didn’t claim in time so I couldn’t claim for it now.tbh I’ve not been in a fit state to do anything,the illness my husband developed meant he was put into a mental security place for a while so I went through hell and it’s affected me badly,he started with kidney cancer And was receiving a new treatment called PRISM which is immunotherapy and was doing really well and the tumour which was massive,was shrinking, but then he started acting strange and they did a brain scan and found a brain tumour,he started to get aggressive and paranoid and in the end they sectioned him.i suffered with depression before this happened but I went a lot worse after.i still struggle to do everyday things like deal with tax,gas and electric bills etc etc.my husband did all this so it’s been a massive learning curve and if I’m honest I’ve felt overwhelmed a lot of the time and couldn’t cope and some days I feel like I’m alone against the world and just sit here crying.ive never felt so alone😢

Have you tried citizens advice , citizensadvice.org.uk you can phone and speak to someone if you don’t want to do it online
0800 144 8848 (England.)They might be helpful…

No I haven’t tried citizens advice but I’ll give it a go,thankyou x