Wife died last July, Father died last December, dog died this January........ why am i not grieving? I loved all of them to the bones.


Hello Doug
Grief is very strange and affects each of us differently. Just because you are not “weeping and wailing”"
does not mean that you are not grieving deep inside…why else would you find your way here? I am sure you will get replies from others more able to answer than me but you might also like to visit the What’s your Grief website as I seem to remember something about this phenomenon on there. In the meantime just let me say how sorry I am for your losses in such a short space of time and blessings for the time yet to come x

I know how you feel because with my mother just passing away over a year and a half it does still hurt. It’s only just started now and being issolated and on my own doesnt help. I believe in these websites to help and hope it shows some ray of light for the rest of you. I hope this helps.