Wife’s Ashes back today

My wife’s ashes were delivered in a casket by the funeral directors today, it’s funny but it seems that Karen is back again with me now. When she was in hospital she rung me one day in a flood of tears as she would not see home again. Karen used to like candles so I have been out and got a lavender scented candle to put next to her casket. I’m going to the crematorium tomorrow to see about getting a small memorial stone and vase to put in the cemetery. Thank you all for the replies I have received since Karen passed away on the 1st May, I would have been in a desperate state without your help.


That’s so lovely Pete that you have Karen’s ashes home & a candle to light for her. I found it such a comfort to have Ian’s ashes at home too. I light a candle next to his urn. It gives me such a peaceful feeling. Good to have them home with us isn’t it?!
Take care
Janey x

Pete 47 thats lovely you have your wifes ashes home my husband died 5 months ago and when his ashes came it gave me comfort that he was back with me i also done the same and put a scented candle next to him and roses on valentimes day and flowers on what would have been our 39th wedding anniversary

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