Wife to a grieving husband

My Husband lost his mother 3 months ago.My husband and two sons are all i have left. Her boyfriend of 13yrs. Is now family too. I miss my mother in law and feel lonely. As much as I try to stay strong and help them through the process, I’m failing. My husband lashes out and is sensitive to what seems to be anything i do. I sought help but can’t afford it anymore and don’t know where to turn. He doesn’t want help either. I fear my marriage won’t survive this.

I’m no expert, but I think you would benefit from trying to talk to your husband about your feelings. It’s still raw for you and everyone, it’s very early days. Try and find a time to talk about it when your husband is relaxed. Get some professional guidance. It’s too soon for you to be thinking about your marriage not surviving, park those thoughts far in the back of your mind and just concentrate on today, for today and tomorrow, for tomorrow. You and your husband will not be yourselves just now, if he is being insensitive, he can’t help it right now, it means nothings and it won’t be aimed at you. Big hugs and very best wishes x

Thank you for your kind thoughts. Seems it’s hard some days to talk about anything at all because he works a lot of hours. I’m trying to be patient. I know he’s not himself and I feel bad because it’s selfish of me. I know I don’t deserve that kind of treatment so I feel guilty for thinking of myself. It pains me to see him out of sorts specially when he has so much pressure with work and his business. I’ll keep praying for strength for myself and praying for my husband’s healing. Thank you again.