Will be first anniversary of my wifes passing

Hi this is the first i have wrote on here its coming up to my wifes first anniversary passed suddenly on 15th feb only 58 still seems like yesterday if i didnt believe in gods way i would be with her now we were married 39 years wouldve been 40 on the 25th feb i would just love to be with her once again .


Hello @Amron, thank you for bravely sharing with us. I hope you find the community to be a support to you, but I’m so sorry for the loss of your wife that brings you here.

Coming face to face with the time of year that your wife died can be really painful. You might find it particularly painful as it’s so close to your wedding anniversary. We have just written a support page on coping with death anniversaries, which you might find helpful to read. And most of members have experienced the loss of a loved one so will understand some of what you are going through, too.

Please do keep reaching out - you are not alone.


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Welcome @Amron to the group none of us want to be part of.
I’m so sorry you have had this terrible loss too.
You WILL be with your wife one day, just as I know I’ll be with my beloved husband. He died last April so nine months for me of living without him.
Sending you love. xxx


A song this morning really made me cry because I lost my wife and I still love her so much. The song is on youtube, its “I would Give Anything”, by Bread. It may help you to cry and maybe it would help.

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@Amron so know where you’re coming from, I lost my partner last November & each day I wish I was with her! Don’t like this new life & don’t want it, the thought of so many years ahead of me (I’m 46) is killing me because I don’t want to live them without her xx


I know exactly how you feel.
I lost my wife in January 06th so only 3 weeks.
I wake up everyday knowing it’s going to be a bad day before I even get out of bed.
Our home feels empty, my life feels empty.
I’m only 50 and keep thinking is this how life will be for me now?
I hate it.


@Ed9, I came across Ed Shearan’s “Visiting Times” a couple of months ago, so poignant I cried for ages because it was I felt like. Take care…


Thanks. There are so many songs that can set me off, even the Beach Boys “God Only Knows”.

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I used to wake up and first thing came into my head was - hes dead :frowning: its horrible to have that thought soon as you wake up !!! Recently i bought a puppy and she keeps my mind off that thought now as she wakes me up every morning … hope u find a way forwaed too …but know its hard :frowning: zxx

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That’s so good to have that distraction every morning and a reason to get up and get going.
Hugs xxx

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Hi Deb5, I got 2 Shi Tzus who share my bed every night. Sometimes they will come and snuggle up to me and if it stirs me awake, I think it is Viv being there for me until I realise.

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:frowning: aw bless ypu … xx