Will I ever feel joy or happiness again?

I just can’t feel any joy or happiness. I’ve attended a wedding, Ruby wedding celebration, my daughters birthday celebration and they were nice, but I don’t feel the joy and happiness I did when my husband and mum were attending things like this with me. Will I ever have those feelings again?

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I feel as though all ‘good’ emotions are now damped down. I can’t feel the happiness and joy that I did for so much of my life. The other emotions are just heightened and come without warning. Maybe this ‘dulled’ version of life is how it’s going to be for now.

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Wow Jane you certainly are going through the worst time possible, hard enough losing a mum which is your first best friend and means the world but to lose your soul mate as well especially so close, I can’t even begin to comprehend the pain you must be in.
Just don’t be hard on yourself, your routines, things you loved before all of that will be different now.
All you can do is take it slow give yourself time to understand how you fell and how your deal with it
I really am sorry for all your loss and heartache and wish you all the strength going forward in life… We may not be living life with the loved ones we’ve lost but we can live life for them… Big hugs :hugs:

Thank you, it has truly been the worst 8 months of my life. On top of loosing them, my son was in ITU with covid, fortunately he pulled through but has been left with Long Covid which has compound his grief. My daughter, the only one of us not to have had covid, is struggling managing her own business whilst all this has happened. I’m so afraid now that she will also get it. I’m trying my best to do right by them as I always have and if they can see us as I believe, they will be proud of us. I don’t want to go on now our dreams have disappeared, but have no choice and my kids deserve to have their mum around, so I have to do my best, I know they would have wanted that.

I wish you strength to get through this. My heart goes out to you.
AnnR x

Hi to you all, I’m so sorry to all of you & my heart aches to hear how people are not coping after the loss of their loved ones I lost my mum on 10th July & I can’t seem to focus on anything, this morning I feel anger to why my mum was taken so quickly to such an awful disease, it just doesn’t seem fair I feel lost, & I know my life will never be the same how do you carry on when someone so close has gone :pensive: i try & get through one day at a time, I’m trying to stay strong for my dad who at 86 is doing incredibly well,( but I guess he has his moments when hes alone) so I put a brave face on for him, life is so tough and unfair I do wish you all the love & strength to keep you going keep talking on here , its comforting to know there are others who are feeling the pain we are all trying to cope with
Love Lynn xx

Hi Lynn, thank you for you kind words, I know the heartache you are experiencing. My mum passed on 22nd Jan from cancerand my husband on 17th March from covid and I am struggling through each day. I’m just going through the motions really, I had a particularly bad day yesterday, spent pretty much the whole day crying. I feel so lost and lonely even though I have a wonderful son and daughter and good friends around me. I go through a whole range of emotions, anger, disbelief, despair, fear, loneliness,to name a few, as we all will at different times. Do you have other family and friends you can get support from? I find it helpful using this site too, knowing that the thoughts and feelings I’m having are normal. X

Hi Jane, yes I have 2 wonderful daughters who are 28 & 31 and two older brothers, its really strange though having all that & when your grieving you can still feel so alone, my brothers I guess grieve in their own way , my younger daughter still lives with me & she’s been amazing listening to me every day & supporting me when I break down, it’s just the whole loss of knowing I will never see my mum again & feeling guilty shes not here with us all, this site is really helpful just knowing we are not alone, keep in touch
Lynn x