Will sadness go

I feel so sad, It is a hot sunny day outside and I have all the time on my own. Lockdown is going and things are getting back to normal . All the people in my village it seams are back out in couples and looking happy enjoying their day. I can only think how unfair it is that my husband can never have this time to share with me and make our life back to normal.

I will join you in sadness. My wife passed away nearly 4 weeks ago and I find it difficult to sort out garden especially as she done a lot of planting bulbs and now not going to see them. Unfortunately people saying she will still see them does not help because we are not together. It is so hard as others carrying on doing what they do you are hurting do much.
Take each day at a time and don’t expect to much from yourself. You can only do what you are ready to do

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I call it hard to exist and I’m new to it

Sugar, your sadness won’t go away! You will learn to live with it
There are moments that we feel contented at peace - then there are moments we just have a meltdown and feel so sad and bereft
I think we get used to it - it doesn’t heart any less but are used to the pain
Sadie xx