Will this be a good day

Woke up with a headache which is bad. Friend here for morning which is good. Online delivery coming which is almost everything I ordered. Only thing they are missing is long life skimmed milk which I find odd. Who knows. Day by day. Can start one way and end up completely the other. The grief can just wash over you with no notice. Been waiting for new contract for carers. 2 arrived at once. One didn’t have enough postage on it. Contract needs to start 14th so need to get it back pronto. At least it is cheaper than my current care company.

@Pudding I was speaking to someone yesterday who said she no longer thinks in good and bad day terms. Instead she breaks it down into morning, afternoon and evening. I though this was a good idea as we all know how the day can change and we rarely feel the same throughout the day. Hope this helps. Take care.


Yes I think that does help

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