Hello I was after a bit of advice please.
My wife passed away 6 weeks ago with Metastatic breast Cancer age 51 we both made a will which when writing it you don’t really think about it to much.
Tanya & I did not really get on with her Mum she could be horrible to Tanya & she had a very life with her Mum but when we made out the wills be put her Mum of next of kin.
Since we made the will out probably 10 years ago we have had some really special friends come into all our lives which Amy my Daughter 13 years old loves & they are always there if Amy needs to talk or gets very upset & also for me a shoulder to cry on.
I asked Amy that if any thing happened to me would she want to go to the mother in law & she said no.
She has not been loving to Tanya at all so I was going to make our really Special friends Amy’s Legal guardian.
What I am asking is would I have to get a solicitor & what age can I make Amy executor of my will.
Many thanks

Hello Geoffs,
I am so sorry for your loss. I am not a solicitor so what I am going to suggest is simply a possible solution. You say how well you get on with the special friends. Why don’t you make them the executors ? They sound the perfect people to do it as they clearly love you and Amy. You would need to ask them first of course. Executors can also be beneficiaries. I know that from my husband’s will. I am both.
As far as I know, you don’t HAVE to have a solicitor but I would strongly advise that you do, especially where difficult relatives are on the scene. The Solicitor will ensure that your wishes are carried out. I found it such a relief to know that it was all being done properly. I wish you and Amy all the best. Ann

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Thanks very much Ann I will get that sorted asap we did speak to our friends & they said yes of course & they are such a lovely family as well I need those sort of people in Amy’s life as I am struggling emotionally my self & trying to bring a 13 year old girl myself is going to be hard especially as we are both grieving for Tanya & we both are really struggling as I miss the security of Tanya being here & girls need there mums for more things that I know about.

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You are welcome. I must admit, you made me giggle about your comments about girls needing their mums for more things than you know about! I am sure your female friend could help you with that, but I think you will find Amy will have been taught quite a lot at school.
Sounds to me as though Amy has a great Dad who will move heaven and earth to make her happy. Girls can be especially close to their dads and granddads. This might make you laugh. A while ago, our then 13 year old granddaughter came for the day. She and her granddad were so close. I went to make us a drink and when I came back into the room, she and her granddad were deep in conversation about sex!! I had to laugh.
Best of luck, but i think you should just carry on being the dad you are. Amy is lucky to have you.