Willis James

Willis James Gent was my baby ,in 2017 he was sitting his GCSEs in school when he collapsed on the way to school after a scan in hospital they found a brain tumour 8 to 10 cm in the back of his head,after the diagnosis they gave him 6 to 8 weeks of life,my boy fought it for six years,in which time he became a paraplegic had a tracky fitted because he lost the ability to breath properly on his own,was peg fed,I’ve tried to get on with my life and b strong for my other children but I’m failing, every day I miss the journey to the hospital to b with him just looking at photos kills me,I’ve tried other groups but find it impossible to join in the conversation,thanx for listening.


My dear @Almal - thank you for sharing your story with us and letting us know about your darling Willis. You are not failing, my friend, you are doing really well. Most of us will never understand the pain of losing a child to such a brutal disease. Many of us do understand witnessing the decline, suffering and death of our partners and so can relate in many ways to your story. My husband was in hospital an hour’s drive away, for 6 six months. I went to see him, alone (Covid rules), almost every day. I understand when you say you miss the hospital trips and I completely get the sadness of looking at photos. We understand, on this site, the sorrow, the bewilderment, the breadth and depth of grief and its ways to both hurt and heal us. You have joined the conversation here and we are with you as we all inch along this road. Hold tight x


Hi almal so sorry to hear about your son. I hope you find support on the site. I lost my boy last match on my birthday he were 20. He were diagnosed with a neurological condition at 16. Called dystonia. It sadly progressed. He had to be peg fed. Catheter in lost his speech etc. We were in and out the hospital and hospice over 3 years. I too miss going to the hospital it were my life i still. Now even think that james is in there. Lifes so empty. I do walk a lot as i find it helps me. I also listen to “julia samuel” a grief psychotherapist on youtube . Sending you hugs and strength please message me anytime xx

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Thank you so much for all your kind and supportive words,9months of hell since Willis left me but knowing people are there feeling the same pain helps,again thank u so much :grin: