Wills, solicitors and emotional

My Mum died at the beginning of the year. The very long story short is that the will is very favourable towards my sibling and very unfavourable towards me. The solicitors our Mum named as executors are rubbish, my sibling refuses to help me remove them and just get someone else in, or even just sorting it out ourselves. I just want to get it done, in three months they seem to have done nothing, I had to arrange the funeral, the death certificate, locating her accounts. They still have not applied for probate etc. In the meantime I’m trying to clear her clothes, arrange the interment, try and field all the questions from my sibling, work full time and look after my family.
I am tried, sad, angry and yes bitter about the will, to the point where I feel like I’m being punished. Not sure if I will ever be able to get over this. But I know I can’t keep being pulled all these different ways too much longer.

Hi, yes you sound as though you are doing everything and from personal experience there is always one person doing the work and normally that person ends up with little. I feel for you and know that some solicitors are very slow. Would giving some tasks to your sibling help them to understand and also take one less pressure of you. It’s just a thought but anything to give yourself sometime to sit and take stock and also let some of the emotions out. When someone dies there is so much hassle and heartache all together we forget that we need time to comes to terms with the new situation. Keep posting because it’s giving you time to think and shout about the unfairness of life. We are always here for you. S xx

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Thank you, sometimes I need to howl at wind.

Seek legal advice from a different solicitor you can do that if you disagree with a will

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