My partner Alan and I made mirrored wills but whilst I was in the bank today sorting out an isa, I was told I would have to make another will now that Alan has passed away. Yet the will states already what will happen to my estate when I die, which is what Alan and I had wanted so I can’t see the need to make another will. Does anyone have any information on this please.

Hello daisy-janet. Me and my husband also made mirrored wills. We were told by the solicitor that it would cover us should one of us pass away. I’ve since been to the solicitor after informing them of my husband’s death and everything is still in order. I’m not sure why the bank should tell you to make another. Were they perhaps trying to sell you one? :thinking: Xx

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Thank you crazy kate. No I think he was a genuine concerned man when I had told him everything had been dealt with by me and still being dealt with though I have 3 sons. He was just saying when I go to make another will out at solicitors not to put my sons on it. I didn’t think I had to make another out but wouldn’t want to go against my Alans wishes anyway even though my sons have been no help. xxx

My Mum had to do a Will after my Dad and Brother passed away as I was/am the only remaining Immediate family x

I too will not go against my Richards wishes, he placed me first above his family and mine, and i am so grateful for him for doing so…so the last thing i would do to him was to cut his family out after i die as his will stipulated, they then all get a share ( with what is left,) even though they dont class me as part of their family, i have been pushed out, even left all the funeral arranging to me, i had no help whatsoever from any of them, apart from they turned up…anyway, but, i will now have to take another look at mine as the wills were not identical although they were both made out at the same time with the same solicitor company…As and when i sell up and get back home to where i belong i will sort out my will with the same solicitor keeping it to Richards wishes, if possible which is back home 140 - 150 miles away…

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Daisy. I shall have to contact our solicitor.

I’ve got to make a will too, otherwise everything will go to the state!

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