Wish full thinking

I know hes gone but when I’m driving or walking I find my self looking for him hoping to see him even after 38 years together my heart still missed a beat when I saw him unexpectedly like an extra treat,does anyone else find themselves doing this x


I don’t so much look for him but when I’m out I’m always thinking how different the scenario would feel if Martin was there with me.
What conversations we would be having at that point.

Drives me crazy. There doesn’t appear to be one part of this process that brings me any relief or comfort. It’s just all painful

Dee xx

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I ntice ladies who resemble June and just for tat moment… then back to this reality


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Hi Dee I feel the same way as you about different scenarios
My husband would take over the conversation if we were with
Friends and I was happy to let him .Now I find I’m constantly putting
my foot in it accidentally and when I get home I always say to myself
‘ What the hell did you say that for ‘. and worrying about what people think of me anybody else like me ?

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