Wish I could join in too

I went out with my sister and sister in law on our usual friday ladies that lunch, I have been feeling so down lately so that most likely didnt help but they were both moaning about there husbands nothing bad just genial moaning but I couldn’t join in oh how I would love to have my hubby here to moan at like I used too I felt so alone and sad I went to the ladies and had a good cry, washed away my tears put my brave face on and joined them again, they would have been so upset if they had known but that’s what us geaving people do hide it till we are home well that’s what I do anyway take care xxxx


hi Linda
I just keep myself to myself,sounds like the friends you’ve known for yonks are insensitive,be nice if when they spent the odd day out with you ,that you were considered when talking about things,as oppose to sign posting that their comments were excluding you.sorry maybe im a little to sensitive the other way,as I found opinions of supposed friends telling me do what Jayne would of wanted etc,when they have their wives or partners and haven’t got a clue how it feels,not that every one who loses a partner wife husband will feel as bad as most on here and thats to do with whether they were with their soul mate or just content having some one as oppose to the one and only.i mean 1000s die around the country every week and only a small percentage need sites like the one we were lucky to find,to get help and advice and some empathy and comfort.sorry for droning on and going off topic.im just finding it hard to do much more than exist.although I got a little comfort the other day made my way to east Cheshire hospice and donate some funds in my baby Jaynes name and memory ,told them put it was from the girls at work and a couple of friends who were mine and Jaynes friends whove been helping me since losing Jayne.and its mostly because the east Cheshire hospice posts on face book and its public and I dont want draw any attention from Jaynes family.and its Jaynes memory im keeping alive im not looking for accolades or publicity for me.again sorry for going off topic.just hope one day soon your friends maybe understand that their constant moanings about husbands is a blessing as its 100 percent better than not having them at all.
regards ian. the man who cannot shut up once he starts .