Wishing to speak to people who understand

Hi. I’ve noticed on some conversations that people are arranging to meet up for a chat or coffee if they are local to each other. I don’t suppose there is anyone in the Essex area.


I’m sorry Jen, I’m in the Midlands but I hope you find somebody local to you. It’s 5am and as usual I’ve been awake half the night feeling low, lonely and empty… l lost my lovely man 15 weeks ago. I think what you say about meeting others who understand our loss is really valuable. Anybody out there who’s lost a partner and lives around Warwickshire or Coventry etc and would like a coffee and a chat, let me know.
Love to you Jen and everyone x

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Hi im in northamptonshire if youd like to meet

Hello Jenw I am sorry for your loss i do understand how you feel I am also experienced the same as you I’ll be more than happy to meet for a coffee I do understand if you would rather meet a female all the best x

I’m in Essex - Clacton on sea. Anywhere near you?

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Is there anyone out there who lives near Plymouth/Exeter
? My husband passed away 16 weeks ago and it would be lovely to meet others who have been through this.

X Julie

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I am in Hockley Essex ,any good to you.Michael.Lost my wonderful wife 4 weeks ago and having an awful time trying to understand this pain and grief and what it is doing to all of us.The agony of it all is quite horrible.The empty sick feeling all the time,the crying,the panic attacks at being alone in your life from now on.Horrendous .Michael.

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