with adult children after death & remarrianniversary

My husband lost his first wife and his adult children haven’t excepted me. Any advise on how to better handle the situation is very much appreciated.

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Hi @hbivans
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:thinking:…hmmm… I guess in some ways it depends when the loss was, whether it was a long time ago, or more recent, say only a year or 2. Either way, I feel that suffering the loss of a parent is a big new change in anyone’s life, & coming to terms with that loss takes time, but for you it just means a need to be patient with them & hoping they will come around in their own time, on their own terms, but don’t let this affect your happiness with your partner, everyone has a right to love & be loved. As adults, they also have their own lives to lead, though it would be nice for everyone to get along, we all know that it doesn’t always work like that with families, it will take them time to adjust the their “new normal”, but you can’t force it. All I can really suggest right now, is ask your partner to talk to them about their issues, preferably in a calm environment, on neutral ground.

Thank you for the response. It helps to talk about it with others.