wobble days

Hi everyone We had my mums funeral on Thursday ,everyone hard day but I think she would of been proud.Im struggling at minute missing her ups and downs like a roller coaster talking to her as if shes here.A few wobble days at minute Sam


Dear @sammiseal123

I am sorry for the loss of your mum. Wobble days are normal and it is part of the roller coaster of emotions that go with grief.

You can connect with members here under the topic Losing a parent who have experienced what you are going through for support.

Everyone grieves differently and speaking out loud to a loved one who has passed is helpful for processing grief. It is healthy and will help you cope with the loss of your mum.

Our website here has useful bereavement support information you may wish to look at.

Please continue to reach out here and take care of yourself.




If you ‘think’ she would have approved of the day then you are probably being modest and more than likely she would have been so proud :heart:

Wobble days can be very unsettling as you think you’re doing ok and then up they pop just to remind you…not that you ever forget :disappointed: x I had one today cause heard one of her favourite songs on the radio and just took me by surprise but I tried to remember the day we heard it live and brought a smile to my face.

The fact that they are ‘wobble days’ where as before they may have been multiple days or weekends shows that you are making progress and that is something that should be noted (not going to say celebrated…you know what I mean I hope)…every step forward does not mean you are ‘ok’ or forgetting them…just means a baby step forward to you not feeling crushed every second off every day x

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Suzanne I still have wobbly days I talk to my mum everyday it’s almost a yr since she gained her wings I can hear her voice speak it does help to comfort me xx


I get that totally and still speak to mine multiple times through the day and I know she’s still with me :heart: x

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It’s still very early days for you don’t forget. I lost my mum 3 months ago I’ve lost count on how many wobble days I’ve had. I had one the other day and sometimes a good cry is what I need. No doubt I will have more wobble days in the future.