Women - vaccine effects

Has any lady here, especially post menopausal, had any alarming side effects from the covid jab as regards their reproductive health?

My periods stopped many years ago but I am experiencing some bleeding and swollen tender breasts, of course I’m desperately worried about cancer so am being checked. I have a biopsy soon. It’s a nightmare.

Is there any evidence that the jab can disturb a woman’s hormones?

Of course you’re worried @Rachel50, who wouldn’t be. I’m sorry but I don’t have an answer to give you but there is much evidence that the Covid jab can cause illness of all sorts. I think you’re absolutely doing the right thing by getting it checked out but of course doctors will deny any connection with the jab.

Whilst I am not an anti-vaxxer and I had the first 3 jabs, I won’t be having the fourth or indeed any more. We were led to believe that the Covid vaccine would prevent us catching Covid and/or passing it on. That’s simply a lie. After each jab I suffered terribly for a couple of days. With hindsight, I now wish I hadn’t had any.

Covid apart, I had bleeding a few years after menopause and it turned out to be nothing thankfully, so did a friend of mine and I believe it is quite common. However, any unusual bleeding should always be checked out by the medics.

Sending you my best wishes and hoping for the best result. x


I too have had such turbulent side effects after this fourth one that I am not keen to more.


Hello Rachel50

You are right there is a lot of side effects of the Covid jab
I had the first two but will not be having anymore
My body was fighting the injection
I suffered with terrible vertigo to the point I could not stand up
Also my hormones changed too

You are so right though to get checked out for any other illnesses

I wish you all the best

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Hi @Rachel50 I am still suffering from my 3rd covid jab so refused a recent booster.
I was well past menopause when covid jabs were introduced but have had what feels like hormone side effects since being vaccinated.
However post menopause before covid jabs I did have some irregular bleeding that was checked out and I was fine my gynaecologist was lovely and she said it happens often and referred to it as ovaries having a final fling.
I hope all goes well with your checks
Jen x

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Thanks, I am glad to say all the nasty symptoms have now gone. I have been cleared of cancer which was my great worry.
I am not sure whether to have a covid jab again though I understand the importance of it as I don’t want to get serious illness with covid either.