Wonderful people

I have been sitting in from of my computer all morning reading the posts people have put up here. I lost my partner and father my children just over 3 months ago and thought I was totally alone in my pain. Reading all your posts and comments has made me realise that there are some truly lovely people out there that have been through the most awful experiences a person could ever go through and still have kind words and time for others. Thank you for making me feel that little bit better and easing some of my loneliness. Sometimes my heart aches so much for my partner it physically hurts and makes me fall to the floor in despair. I wish I could just hug him one more time and tell him how much I love him. Thank you for sharing your experiences and helping me realise I am not alone. Big hugs to you all xx

Big hugs to you too, Loren. I’ve been a member of this forum for a week and a bit, and I agree with you - lovely people willing to give from their own pain. It surely does help, doesn’t it, to know there’s nothing unusual about what you feel. I am so sorry for your loss, love. Oh god, for that five minutes more… that one more hugs. Hearing you xxoo

I agree Loren, this forum is a lifeline and yes, what I would give for one last hug. My husband used to love hugs. He would just out of the blue ask for a hug and at the most awkward moments too, like while I was cooking. I would say, “not now David”. Oh if only. I would never turn him away now. I’m glad you’ve found us Loren and I sincerely hope you get as much as I have from this site. Much love xx

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