Words of hope

I read this on another site and taught was lovly

The dead are not distant or absent. They are alongside us. When we lose someone to death, we lose their physical image and presence, they slip out of visible form into invisible presence.
This alteration of form is the reason we cannot see the dead. But because we cannot see them does not mean that they are not there. Transfigured into eternal form, the dead cannot reverse the journey and even for one second re-enter their old form to linger with us a while.
Though they cannot reappear, they continue to be near us and part of the healing of grief is the refinement of our hearts whereby we come to sense their loving nearness. When we ourselves enter the eternal world and come to see our lives on earth in full view, we may be surprised at the immense assistance and support with which our departed loves one have accompanied every moment of our lives.
In their new transfigured presence their compassion, understanding and love take on a divine depth enabling them to become secret angels guiding and sheltering the unfolding of our destiny.’


Thank you for sharing @Maxkinahan1. Can you tell me where you read it please? I like the thought that our loved ones ‘become secret angels guiding and sheltering the unfolding of our destiny.’ x

Dear @Maxkinahan1,
Thank you for those lovely words. I’ve just posted on another thread that over the last year I have chosen to believe in certain things. Some of those beliefs are precisely what are mentioned in your post. It’s strange how our brains work to try to help us to cope. I look forward to the day that I am “transfigured into eternal form” too and reunited with my wife.

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Yes me to ALISON be the day I look forward to so cam be with me beloved once again.

Hi Crazy Kate,
It was posted on site widows.ie when read the words just loved it as I do beleive this.

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