Words that may help

My lovely son died 25 wks ago in an accident. I came on these words online and I read them often, it’s just as if he is speaking to me. I’m hoping you may find them helpful to:
As I sit in Heaven and watch you everyday
I try to let you know with signs that I never went away
I hear you when you’re laughing and watch you as you sleep
I even place my arms around you to calm you as you weep
I see you wish the days away begging to have me home
So I try to send you signs that let you know you’re not alone
Heaven is not truly beautiful, just you wait and see
So live your life, laugh again, enjoy yourself, be free
Then I know with every breath you take
You’ll be taking one for me.


Thats beautiful Orchard,lovely words,i dont know what your beliefs are,but interesting you posted this at 1313,a spiritual meaning in numbers for new beginnings.x

Should read ‘heaven is truly beautiful’

Truly beautiful Orchard
I try to believe that my lovely husband is watching over me as he promised before he passed away in November. He loved bees and helped bee keepers. Twice in the last weeks I have had a bee go around my head, one hit me on the side of the head. One time I was indoors. Bees are asleep now, so I like to believe that it was my husband making contact. While tending our allotments a lone Robin came and sat on my wheelbarrow and watched carefully what I was doing. Again I liked to think it was him making sure I was doing things to his liking… There have been other time also I felt him near. It keeps me going because honestly I think I’m struggling so hard and it’s tiring me out. Life doesn’t seem worth living anymore only my dogs make me go on.

Thank you Pattidot. I have no doubt they are all signs from your husband. When someone love’s and cares for you in life they wouldn’t abandon you just because they die. Death can’t separate true love. I agree with you, grieving is exhausting. I’m so tired most days. I feel I’ve aged 10 year’s since my son died. It’s difficult to keep going but what choice do we have. Just keep talking to your husband and ask him for strength. Take good care x

Hi Orchard
I had his ashes brought to our town where he was born. He is with his grandparents who brought him up. He’s very near to where we live and I go every day and have a chat, a moan, and sometimes beg him to help me. I’ve planted bulbs and put flowers. We was keen gardeners and had allotments also very near to where he is. I believe he keeps an eye on me. He promised me he would still look after me. Were told to keep talking to friends and family and this will help, but do they really want to listen after the first few weeks. So I talk to my husband still.

…just found your poem and at 10.pm I am sitting here crying as I hear my Richard speaking this to me…He left me, or rather he was taken from me 8 weeks today, 11th April morning-mid day…
Yes the words are beautiful but very emotional too, just like he is directly speaking to me…


Thank you Jackie. Yes I think they are beautiful and sometimes help me. I keep in my mind when it’s really difficult that I’m living and breathing for my son now, I have to live my life and his. He would absolutely say to me ‘live your life, laugh again, be free’. I’m sorry for your loss, it’s very early days for you on this painful journey called grief. I found reading books on grief very helpful at your stage, just to clarify the feelings I had and to hear from others in my situation that eventually the pain would ease a bit. Be kind to yourself and remember the good times, the love xx

I too feel as if I am living for my husband Brian as well. Everything I do I include him. I have to look after the house, garden and our allotments so that he’s pleased.
I burnt a pan the other week and felt so guilty and could almost hear him chastising me for it. He did the washing up and took it seriously, he also insisted on buying all the pans as he wanted to make sure we had the best and not a cheap one that I might buy. My husband would also tell me to ‘live my life’. I am responsible for him also now.
Pat xxxx

…my Richard would have been the opposite, he would have bought a cheap pan, but would leave it up to me to order one, although he knew I went for dearer, I would often pay more for quality…

That was Brian, always wanted quality and said that as he did the washing up he wanted easy to clean pans. I feel guilty using some of them now and make sure I clean them properly just in case he comes to inspect them. For goodness sake how can a frying pan make me cry. Pat xxx