A well worn phrase, " you must move on"
… “remember them now they are gone”
…move on to where?.…I see no place
No destination I can face

“Do it for them”…that’s what they say
“You must be brave…don’t fade away”
…but what if there’s nothing left to do?
Nothing I want, now I’ve lost you?

“… they’re better now, there’s no more pain”
“You must be strong and live again”
I don’t feel strong…though I hear your voice
I’m in this place, coz I have no choice

“…You were soulmates…everyone knows”
“but happy memories…you still have those”
Those memories hurt…they make my cry
…and nobody seems to realise why

“Carry on for them…that’s what they’d want”
“They can’t come back…it’s not your fault”
…carry on alone…you’re still not here
… you’re gone for good…that much is clear

Well meaning people give advice
Sometimes once…sometimes twice
…but words of help or platitudes?
Unfortunately, there are no rules

People say so many things
But often what they say just stings
And I believe that if they knew,
…they wouldn’t say the things they do…



Yes so very true.

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I totally agree with all you have said
It’s so hard to move on
People don’t realise and to lose a partner is just on a different level
And every loss has its own degree of pain to cope with


So true and so poignant.
I think it will resonate with everyone on here

Thankyou x