Worried about my Dad

My step-mum has recently gone into the Hospice. Its all very sad because we know its the End of Life Care. My Dad and step-mum have been together 35 years, married for 6 years. My Dad especially is not coping very well, and I am very worried about him. We visit my step-mum together, and he visits when I cant go. Theres lots of family around, and we all visit and stay with her when we can


I’m so sorry to hear that your step-mum has gone into the hospice. It’s a very upsetting time for you all.

My Mum died 5 years ago after spending a week in the hospice. The staff were all really wonderful and would spend a lot of time with my Dad as well as my Mum.

Most hospices have support staff and counsellors. My Dad and I had a session with the hospice counsellor when it was all getting too much for us. He also attended a support group which met weekly at the hospice after my Mum died.

Perhaps you could ask the staff what support there is for you and your Dad at the moment?

Keep talking to us here & take care. Trudy x

Hi Stephy123,

I’m sorry to hear that your step-mum has recently gone into a hospice and that your dad is not coping well with this. It’s understandably a very worrying time when a loved one moves into hospice care.

You may have already seen, but we have a number of articles on our information page about end of life care. Some look at the more practical aspects and what to expect, and others focus on how to cope and the support that’s available. You can find all of our information articles here.

As Trudy mentioned, many hospices have dedicated support teams for families so it may be helpful to talk to the team looking after your step-mum about what support is available.

Take care of yourself and let me know if there’s anything I can do to support you.

Best wishes,

Hi, my stepmom died in the hospice last Thursday. She was only in for 1 week. We are all devastated, my dad can’t stop crying. He did have some family support at the hospice, I don’t think it has sunk in and he was hoping for a miracle. He has a lot of family and friends around him at this sad time