Hi all,

Lost my husband back in 2019 and it still affects our family so much. Recently I’ve found my youngest daughter, 16, has been ever so miserable lately. She doesn’t want to get up and we don’t often see her smile. She has always been quite emotionless and stoic but this time it feels different. I hear her cry in her room sometimes but when i go in to check she tells me to go away and gets angry. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. I love her to bits and just want her to be happy. I don’t know what to do

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Hi, 16 is a difficult age, has she got older siblings that she might confide into or grandparents? If she is still in education maybe have a word with the school?

Any flags on her social media?

Has there been a boy that she talked a lot about but doesn’t anymore?

It could be 1 of so many things all you can do really is let her know your around if she needs you?

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So sorry jackie she’s going through grief as well my children are a lot ollder but going through; things differently lv annie x xt

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We all seem to benefit from this forum I wonder if there’s something similar for young people it’s so much easier writing sometimes than saying face to face, I think cruse supports young people I seen it in there website, it’s so hard supporting the family when you’re feeling so empty yourself so sending hugs xx

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Hi @jackie33,

Thank you for starting this thread and for sharing some of your story. I was so sorry to read about your Husband and about the sadness your youngest Daughter is feeling and experiencing at the moment.

I just wanted to reach out and share some useful links/details which might help you and your Daughter:

A number of young people helped contribute to some new information and advice pages on our website - these are specifically for young people struggling with grief and might be helpful for you both.

If you aren’t already aware, Winston’s Wish and Hope Support Services both provide support for young people who are dealing with a family bereavement.

Finally, The Mix has an online community for anyone aged 16-25 to talk about any issues that are on their minds - your Daughter might find this a good way of connecting with others in a similar age bracket.

I hope this information helps - I really hope you find the community helpful and supportive as you process all that you’re going through.

Do take care,