Worrying about mum after dad died

My dad died suddenly last year, leaving my mum a widow in her 50s.
Im struggling myself to figure out how to process it all, as I dont really know how to talk about it. But my biggest worry is about my mum. As hard as im finding it, I have my husband by my side when I come home. But my mum goes home to no one, and that makes me really sad. She seems to be coping ok and keeping busy. But it just breaks my heart that at the time in her life she should be figuring out how and when her and dad are going to retire, shes just alone.


Hi, so sorry for your loss. I lost my husband in March suddenly, he was 59 and I am 54. I do not know what your mum is feeling but I may be feeling similar things. I too try to keep busy and to others may seem like I am coping. To some extent I am. (We have no choice really) I try to block out what has happened. I also have a daughter who is very caring and I know also worrys about me. It is so hard to accept the life you had is gone forever. Just keep on supporting your mum, as you sound like you already do, the best you can as she might not always admit that she might be struggling. I say I’m ok sometimes to my children as I know they are hurting too. It’s good you have your husband to support you too. This forum helped me to realise I wasn’t going mad and what I have/am feeling is all part of the grieving process. Life is so cruel and unfair sometimes. Take care