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There was a short article on grief on Saturday Live yesterday, BBC radio 4, which you can get on BBC I Player. It was Catherine Meyer discussing with Rev. Richard Cole that both of their husbands had died about a year ago, also her stepfather had died a couple of weeks before her husband. They talk about how some other people don’t know what to say, about how you forget what you were meant to be doing, how some people think we should be moving in a certain way through stages of grief when in reality we are all so individual. There are some light hearted moments too. RIchard talks about how the day after David had died, he went to buy milk and bread that he needed, but instead he came back with three different types of cheese. My husband died just over 7 months ago and for me it was a useful thing to have listened to.


Hi Janet. There is a good film on Netflix called ‘Afterlife’ with Ricky Gervais. ( sorry if spelt wrong.) Also they have just released an after life documentary which is also very good. I hope these help you if you have Netflix available. Take care. X

Hi Janet.
Thanks for posting about Saturday Live on Radio 4, I listened to it on iPlayer today.

My husband passed away in November 2020, I think sometime I am so isolated in my grief that I forget there are many people going through the same thing. I think that as I sit here alone I will never recover from this heart break, it truly feels as if my heart is broken. It did me good to think that hopefully at some time in the future, I will be able to remember my husband with a smile and not just heart rending crying. I still find it difficult to comprehend that he has actually gone.

We need to remember that although our lives have changed (indeed the life we knew and loved has ended) our lives will continue in a different direction.

I so miss him, especially his emotional support and I am so very afraid of a future without him and as I have said before the depth of my grief has shocked me.

Take care, listening to programme did help me.

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