Would you move house?

Dad died in '99 and after awhile my mum had to move house. It turned out her memories of nearly 50 years of dad and children were too overwhelming for her to bear, so she went into sheltered housing.

My sister lost her disabled son of 18 years and she too felt the memories and walls were crowding in on her, so she and youngest son were able to relocate.

l feel the same but would moving be the answer? lve always known l could not live alone. But packing up 40 years of stuff is not practical and then where to go, thats my problem.


I feel the same. I decided that I was going to sell and move. This is just a house now, not the home Martin and I built together.

On reflection, and after many discussions, I have decided to put that on the back burner ( for now)

I think it’s way to soon to make this decision and like you, I have no idea where I want to go!

Sending a hug xx​:heart::heart:

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Hi there
As this house was my husbands when I married him I never really felt it was mine as he had lived here with his previous wife. I tried to get him to move for the thirty years of our marriage but he was born in this town so always reluctant. He knew I would pack up and go but told me to not rush. I waited six months and then felt it was time but I then found I just couldn’t do it. I realise now that moving when grieving is trying to escape our grief but it has a habit of following us so I am still here and so pleased that I didn’t move as those memories that caused me pain in the beginning now bring me peace. I know someone who moved immediately after her loss and within the year is now moving back to her previous town, she just wasn’t happy and found her grief stayed with her. Now she can’t wait to get back. So I would say give yourself time, as much as two years before you make a decision.

I have moved a month ago to feel safer, I have took my husband and daughter with me,
They will never leave my heart and mind and l never want them to. Xx

Hi all, my mum stayed 4 doors away from me, she died suddenly at the end of December. Its hard going past the home she lived in for 30 years and not seeing her wave at the window when my son and I go past. My son finds it especially difficult as she would be there when he came home from school. I am thinking of moving as will be difficult seeing someone else there at the window instead of her.

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I also have the desire to move home but think its too early to make any descions…only nov i lost my partner


I must admit it is early and the actual getting ready to move was very emotional and heart breaking to be honest.
My husband had left money around the house l kept finding and looking at the old photos brought back so many memories. But I have brought everything with me and I feel my hubby and daughter more since I have moved. It sounds silly it is as though they have come with me.
I gone to a better region of town and l do feel safer, and I am not rattling around a big house now.
But everyone is different and me and my husband had already started to move before he died x

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