“Write it down”? I wrote a book!

I read on here about people writing things down , wanting to tell their partner how they felt and what they did that day etc , and how much they missed them. I lost my lovely husband Suddenly on the 15/4/24 my ex husband was found dead on the 20/1/24 ! I was told “wow you couldn’t write it “? But what if I could ? Two weeks after my husband died I started to write “my story “ it took me back to places I wish I had never been , but it also made me realise how lucky I was to of found love , I had it published not to make money ! But to have a copy in my hand and read through it , I have just finished reading and it helped , I couldn’t believe that was me. So whoever it was on here that advised to write things down , thank you it helped x


That is amazing and so inspiring.
Did the experience of getting everything out on paper help with your grief ?
I write sometimes when I feel overwhelmed but it mostly comes out as an incoherent muddle of sadness, panic and despair.
Thanks so much for sharing xxx

I knew what I had been through in the past , and you accept it as being “normal “ it wasn’t until I met Nick I realised how badly I had been treated in the past ! It took me to places I have not been to for a long time , but yes it helped knowing what I had with Nick and even though I knew the ending , I still cried x

Hi @Jane15

That’s amazing! What an achievement. I can imagine it was quite therapeutic pouring it all out and making sense of it all. I love that you’ve said that you’ll never lose faith in the promise of a brighter tomorrow.


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I write stuff down. Sometimes bin it. But it helps. Not good enough for a book but I like the process.


Inside the words are not so “choice “ especially about my ex husband I wrote it but I had a publisher who added the fancy words ! The names were changed but it’s all true x

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How can we read it? Maybe you could record yourself reading it and post it for us. We could do story time with Jayne :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: x

It’s on Amazon

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Oh is it? It it on audible!

Can you send the link please x

And no why could I read it out loud I was crying reading it and I wrote it !

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Sorry Jayne :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Just type in Amazon search “sinister truth by F J Nicholson x

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It was shit going through my past things I have long buried ! But it was nice remembering how nick and I got together just wish I had him longer but I guess we all do on here x

You don’t know it’s not good enough for a book you can write it for Amazon

I have kept a diary since my first child was born and she is now 38. I have kept writing but no day to day things but my thoughts feelings,frustrations. I write to Colin sometimes in capitals to emphasise how made i am with him. The feelings are so strong that writing them down sometimes i feel isn’t good enough so i walk around the house speaking the words to him that i have written so he can hear me just incase he can’t read my mind. My neighbours must think i am mad. It helps. It really does.

I had people saying to me after nick died 3 months after my ex husband “you couldn’t write it “! So i did! Didn’t really intended for a book to be published on Amazon ! BUT the book is dedicated to Nick so I drew comfort in that x