Writing to my younger self

Hi Everyone,
I have started getting movies from charity shops, & found one I absolutely love :heart:, it’s called “The Lake house”, it was originally released in 2006, & is about 2 people who write to eachother across time, Dr Kate Foster is in 2006, & Alex Wyler is in 2004, it’s a really excellent movie, but it got me thinking, if I could write to myself at any time, when would I write to? & what would I say? Being aware of any changes it could make in time, & the repercussions of that. :thinking:
I think first I would write to my 5 year old self, sending myself my book of codes, & encourage me to learn them much younger, so when I started writing my personal diaries in my teens, I would already be a master of them, so mom couldn’t of read my diary, 3 separate times, causing so much upset.
I would of wrote to my teenage self, telling me to never give up on dreams that were important to me, that when I’m struck with obstacles, to be creative & look for a new angle, play to my strength, don’t ever give up! & encouraged me to make a proper financial plan, to move out of my parents house as soon as I can afford it.
I would tell myself to never let anything get in the way of my happiness, & make the most of the time I have, with the people that matter most.


I really enjoyed The Lake House, glad it ended up happy xx

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