Wrote this for my boy.

Thought I heard a ghost tonight.
Realized it was you .
You wake me every single night.
It’s just a thing you do.

In the small hours I come downstairs.
Sit in my favorite chair.
I think that I will see you.
But you are never really there.

I sit in the dark for hours.
Thinking you will appear.
You are probably somewhere laughing.
You were always full of cheer.

I feel your presence follow me.
As I make a cup of tea.
I know you are in spirit.
But eyes just cannot see.

One day I know I’ll catch you.
As you cannot keep away.
You’ve been coming back to see me.
Ever since that day.

But I’ll have the last laugh sam.
As I can go back to bed.
Unlike you, you we dick.
Coz you are the walking dead.

But you can come back tomorrow night.
This will always be your home.
I’ll be hear waiting for you.
Wherever you may roam.


This is lovely @Jim10 :blue_heart::heart: xxx

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How lovely. :broken_heart:

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What a lovely poem, thanks for sharing.