Xmas songs

At the shops this morning nearly in tears hearing the Christmas songs. When I came home I cried it’s so hard. Can’t wait for Christmas and New year to be over.
Christine x


I’m the same i went to our shopping center 5 minutes and I had to come out. Tears and sobbing tried twice now. Xxx

It’s so upsetting couldn’t get home quick enough.
Christine x

Same as Christmas can jog on this year x

I feel a bit liberated this year. I don’t have to pretend that I’m enjoying Christmas. For the first time ever I will wake up somewhere other than my own house. No need for a tree, lights, or anything that is deemed to be “Christmassy”. When the kids were young it was much better but it was still just an excuse for spending loads of money. I’ve been to York today and had a look at Christmas Market… not sure there were many stalls that sold anything to do with Christmas. All the old Christmas songs playing loudly. I suppose I must be fortunate in that I seem to be immune to the charms of Christmas and have been for years. I suppose my wife was right after all… I must be a miserable old *****.

I wish I could bla nk our Christmas…it so so hard I have a 5 and 6 year ild so I’m forced into being festive and putting on a smile for them …couples holding hands shopping laughing smiling …it’s all too much

I really hope that Christmas has some special restorative power for your children but I do feel so sad for you. I just can’t imagine how terrible it is for you.
I’m going to stay with my daughter down south. I’m not looking forward to it but it’s agreed. My daughter has just suffered a miscarriage, not long after her mother died, and her oldest daughter will be away spending Christmas week with her father who has remarried. I felt I had to go as all my other kids live in the North so they are so remote from the rest of the family. I think I will have to work hard on smiling. I go back again in February when my daughter is getting married. Hopefully I will have perfected my smile by then.

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Oh Michelle,i know everywhere you look the couples seem to be there,and everyone seems to be happy,i know its our loss makes us think like that,as i know lifes hard for a lot of people,im sure you are doing your best for your wee ones ,and each day will bring you strength,you will come through stronger,may not feel like it ,but you will.Keep that smile,fake it till you make it,thats what i do,maybe one day our smiles will be real.Take care x

My boys are older I feel so sad for you as your kids are so young stay strong I know it’s hard.
Christine x

Im exactly the same, christmas songs and cheery shop assistsnts with no clue that I have recently lost my husband. I have fought back the tears so many times until ive got back to my car. Its just all too much. Just know that I have to get through this for the sake of my daughters.

I’m so sorry for what your daughter has been through…I can’t begin to understand how all this bad stuff happens to good people …I have mastered the fake smile …I hate it when u have to tell people that your ok getting through…albiet easy …

Then they say your young u will move on . .like I’ve got divorced or separated…

Christmas concert tomorrow for little one …dreading that it’s sad that her daddy won’t see it …it’s her first one …

Thank you all for your kind words and replies …

Love Michelle

Hi Feel exactly the same I stand in the shop doorways and listen to whats being played before I go in Only the likes of us can understand, x

I’ve heard lots of Christmas songs tonight. I’ve just got back from a School Christmas Play which involved two of my grandsons. 2 hrs journey there and 2 back. It was worth it. I was so proud and, at the same time, so sad that Granny couldn’t be there. She would have talked about it for a month. It was held in the village church and it made a perfect venue. It was packed out.

It’s hard can’t get away from it . The same songs over and over.
Christine x

Hi Yorkshire lad,
I know how you feel. Whereabouts in Yorkshire are you, I’m in Huddersfield. Glad you’re feeling liberated, I can’t wait to feel that. Have a lovely Christmas.

I live in Ilkley. One of my daughters lives in Slaithwaite and that’s where the concert was. I met my brother in law for lunch in Huddersfield at MedOne and then went on to my daughters. It was very cold on Slaithwaite Station waiting to come home and as usual the train was late.
I’ve been liberated for years if it’s anything to do with Christmas. I detest it as it has no real significance for me since kids grew up. I don’t do the religious bit.
However I hope everybody else can enjoy it as much as they wish to.