Xmas without my angel

Christmas is nearly on us,I have been with my wife sue since we were both 17. 49 years together and this is the 1st Christmas without her.sadly sue passed away 9 weeks ago tonight,she passed on our 47th wedding anniversary which made it so heartbreaking.I am so lost without the most loving and beautiful woman I’ve ever known,it was an honour and privilege to have sue as my wife and the pain doesn’t get any better.we were planning a nice retirement together but sue was cruelly taken from me.I have 3sons and grandchildren which helps the pain when they visit but when they have gone home the house is deathly quiet.I would give my life up just to hold her,hug her, kiss her hold her hand like we used to do,even hear her voice again.I know it’s not possible but I just can’t get over losing my soul mate.life is so cruel.I will miss and love for all eternity.my best wishes to all of you who have gone through the same.I will be lighting a candle for sue as I have done before.god bless everyone of you.I can’t say it will get better because for me it won’t.I can’t just brush 49 years of love and memories under the carpet.I am completely broken.


Sorry for your loss. I to lost the love of my life in August and I still cry myself to sleep every night it doesn’t seem to get any better in fact I feel worse as it dawns on me that he’s not coming home never see Jim smile again or sit watching television together . I miss him so much I feel like screaming . It’s the little things that creep up on me and I remember something that was said or a place we went and I think we won’t do that again no holidays to Cornwall to walk on beach. I hate my life now it’s not what I signed up for I would trade everything I own to see him again all I have is his photo on the fireplace and a candle next to it.


Misprint.so sorry for you loss.the pain at times is unbearable and I stand and cry anytime especially when memories Like a tune, something on tv or similar knocks me for six.It must be the same for you.my heart goes out to you .try and focus on the times you made each other laugh together.I have a wall in my lounge dedicated to my angel sue.I talk to her everyday.lots of love to you .

Hi Nigel, I’m so very sorry for the loss of your lovely Sue and for your lovely words to all of us. Losing our soulmates is beyond heartbreaking, my husband of 22 years died in April this year. I wonder how I can leave this terrible year behind and face a new year without him by my side. It seems unreal doesn’t it? I too have family and I’m very lucky but they can’t take the emptiness away that I feel inside sadly. I just talk to my George all the time, we have to put one foot in front of the other, get through the morning before facing the afternoon etc, that’s how I managed in the early days. I’m surrounded and take comfort from our home we made together and my friend keeps reminding me that I should celebrate his life and I do, with every beat of my heart. I keep reminding myself of this now and it helps. I’m sending you love and strength to get through these dark days. Keep going x

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