Year from hell

2018, what a year, lost my mum to cancer, primary lung, secondary brain, 7 weeks later my dad (love lorne) took his own life.
I have spent the last three years hopeing the next would get easier but it never happens.
I’ve watched my life slowly crumble to pieces, relationship gone, friends gone, enhanced job role gone
I’m literally just a shadow, a glimmer of what I was
I just need to know there’s a way back, i have aspirations to work in grief and bereavement counselling but but how can I when in far from through the woods myself.
You don’t need to hold my hand but a glimmer of hope would spare me on 1,000,000 miles

My mum passed lung cancer nearly 11 years now. As time passed having my husband and children around helped me through this a distraction of sorts.
Although not entirely gone from my mind it has got easier over the years.
I fully understand your dads love lorne escape as my husband passed near on a year now but it doesnt make it easier for those left behind. If I did not have children who knows.
I think for me the only way through is to make myself do things anything however mundane I find it. I might be doing several things at once just to keep my mind occupied.
I can at the snap of my fingers get lost in the sadness and make my outlook grim but I know this is not the way forward, it keeps me stuck in an existence of ground hog day.
Focus on your aspirations and make something of it. Lift yourself out of this. Only you can do it.

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