I yearn for my son so acutely i cant sleep eat or function i jave got to the stage where beong with him would be preferable to this pain


Hi @Wythen239, welcome to the Community. I am so sorry for your loss.

It’s important to take one day at a time and be kind to yourself. I think you could benefit from registering with our recently-launched Grief Self-Help Service especially in these early days when things are so raw. It has some really useful information to help you cope with what you are going through right now.

Using the search facility here on the community forum is a good way of finding discussions that may offer you some solace. If you use the search facility at the top of the page, you will find many here who have experienced similar loss and will understand much of what you are going through. I do hope you find the community a source of guidance and support.

Please remember Samaritans are always available 24/7 to talk about anything that you are worried about in confidence. You can call them on 116 123.

Take care

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Hi Wythen.
Just noticed your post and I am sorry to hear of your pain. I think it’s natural to feel this unbearable pain. My daughter died in May she was just 19, and its been horrendous, the pain and despair is unbelievable. I am trying to get trauma therapy because if its a sudden death its the same as PTSD on top of the grief.
Even if you have other children, friends a partner etc I don’t think it makes any real difference to the pain you suffer. I feel completely alone and isolated even when you maybe with others that care about you… I am trying to go out everyday because I can’t stand being in the home anymore.
A lot of people seem to be posting on Loss of my son 27. The support groups can be helpful as well eg through Compassionate Friends. Whatever support you can get accept it. Take Care Andy X

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Hi - I can recognise your feelings, I felt the same when my daughter died suddenly and tragically. I felt I deserved to die too so I could look out for her somehow and at the same escape the overwhelming pain and anger and fear. I now know that awful as these feelings are, they are all too common when you lose a child of your own. When things are so raw I found that I could only deal with one day, or even one hour at a time. A future seems impossible but slowly, slowly I got some moments of respite. Coming on here can help. It showed me that the yearning and pain is not just me being weak but happens to anyone who loved their child. It’s good too that others are months or years into surviving. Their insights and support and honesty propped me up when I was, I thought, beyond help and everyone here who has lost child ‘gets it’. I wish you some peace and I hope posting helps even if a tiny bit it’s a safe supportive place. Very best wishes xxx

Hi wythen so so sorry for your loss it’s a awful time for everyone on here I know the feeling well when you’ve said you would be better off with him because of the pain is unbearable I to have thought the same I lost my daughter in January she was 25 yrs old she was taken due to breast and liver cancer it was ver rare aggressive one. Some mornings I don’t want to wake up and go through the same despair. Anxiety attacks the uncontrollable sobbing but I come on here and pour my heart out. It really does help. Take care shellyanne xx :bouquet:

It is the day after georges funeral .
Idid so well i gave myveulogy to george and o remained strong for his sisters over 400 people attended and 315 stayed afterwards a testment to our amazing george but today it all seems pointless and i want to hurt myself because its like i dont feel anything im just numb and broken

Thank you it is the day after his funeral and it feels like a big black hole

I cant get counseeling till 3 months in
I also jate being at home