You are doing so well

I know people are being supportive (well some are, but that’s another matter.

I really have started to bristle when I’m told ‘You are doing so well’.

I think to myself


How do you know?
You haven’t seen me in bits.
You haven’t been through this.

I don’t want to be going through this!!

I have kept my thoughts to myself because they mean well.

Just had to tell someone and I think many of you will understand.


You are so rìght.
I spend most of my time in tears. I feel totally broken, and I don’t think I will ever mend, but there’s always someone to tell you how well you are coping.
I do have quite a lot of support but you still get the ones who think you’re “moving on”. I don’t think I will ever do that. He was my whole life for 42 years, how do you ever move on from that?
I think they tell us we are doing well because they don’t understand the turmoil we’re going through, and it makes them feel better

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Sending hugs.

Yes, I think it does help them.

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Totally get what you mean. Its the sort of phrase that makes me want to respond with a swear word! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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