You Ask Me If I see You - By Sara Gibson

You ask me if I see you since I have gone away
I try to help you understand I watch over you each day
You wonder if I hear you when you talk to me at night
I hear you say you love me, you will never leave my sight
You cry so many tears for me they flow upon your face
Please feel me as wipe away your tears I want a smile upon your face
Remember our sweet memories the times we shared with love
Hold on to all your hopes and dreams I support them from above
Let go of all your guilt and pain let go of all your fears
God just had other plans for me, why carry that all these years?
The day I passed is not the day I made you love me so
Please cherish all the memories made before I had to go
Just take the day I passed and put it in a box with care
Now hand the box to God please for it isn’t yours to bear
Please know I’ll always love you as I watch you carry on
And know that I am here with you for we are never really gone



Thank you for sharing. Crying, crying, crying.

Sorry it made you cry Sheila

No need to apologise. Everything makes me cry. I watched a news item on our local TV station, she was leaving after 32 years and cried buckets. I remembered some of the news stories she delivered and it reminded me that me and husband had watched these together. How the hell my life is such a mess and without my lovely husband I just don’t understand.


Where had that come from please. It’s beautiful. Xx

I found it on the internet in a poetry section, but can’t remember which one. I read so many.
I spend most of my day (sometimes nights) looking for and reading these beautiful poems.
I cry, but they help.

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It’s not getting any easier, worse if anyting.
There are days when you just break down and cry because you know that no matter what, things will never be the same again.


That is such a beautiful poem :heart: :rainbow:

Yes I know exactly what you mean. Life has no purpose. I get up and just wait to see if I am needed to look after our grandson. Otherwise just sit thinking this time last year we were sitting together every day planning our retirement not knowing that six months later my world would be destroyed.

Sorry crying again.

It’s horrible sitting and re-living the past because I’m never going to see him again and it hurts so much.
Lately, it’s been non stop going back over the years we had together. I’ll never forget when we first met and our first date, the way he looked and smiled at me all night. By the end of our date I knew he was the one for me. Now I have nothing. What a cruel world.