You can recover

I lost my husband of 31 years age 72 end of November last year he had sudden heart attack at home in the early hours ,thankfully I was with him and he wasnt anxious .Its been a difficult journey ,feelings of unreality ,deep sadness , trying to come to terms with it has been a terrible ordeal .My faith in God has helped me tremendously the Bible is a great comfort especially the psalms .I just wanted to encourage anyone going through this awful experience that you can recover ,it does get easier just hang in there and believe there is good in your future . It’s a task getting through this loss but we humans are resilient. It has helped me to think this ,'he Was with me , he Is with God '.That’s the reality , he Was with me but no longer is and I have to let go . I give thanks for what was and cherish memories and photos and little video clips. Keep going ,keep talking to family and friends or anyone who will listen ,write in a journal, all this helps on this journey .


Hello Sue3,
Thank you for an uplifting post, I do agree with you, I have a strong faith which hasn’t diminished since my husband passed away 15.08.2019. We have been married for 59 years, I still consider that I am married to my Stan.

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Hi Mary just to say I love reading your messages you sound such a caring lady. I so agree with you about still being married to your Stan. My lovely Ron passed nearly 4 years ago and I still love him so much. We were married nearly 51 years and we always said to one another when ever the first one goes first that we are still married and will always be. Love and hugs to you , xxx Carol xxx

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Hi Mary , that’s great to hear you have a strong faith it gives us hope for the future. I still feel married to Ron ,still got wedding and engagement ring on .I’m moving slowly from shock and disbelief to realization it’s still very challenging .Keep going and God bless .

Dear Carol and Sue3,
Thank you for your lovely posts, I really appreciate them. I am late signing off this evening, our daughter rang me and we chatted for nearly an hour. Our son is coming to see me this coming Thursday and he is going to finish off the odds and ends which still need attention.
still wear my wedding ring and engagement ring, too, Sue. I would not dream of taking them off.
I can never remember not having faith my mum and dad were not religious, my mum had faith but my dad didn’t believe whatsoever. They never pestered me to go to Sunday School, I could always please myself, my brother didn’t have any faith at all until he passed away, he came through at a sitting and told me that I was always right, yet he was a Christian in the way he conducted his life. My sister who is the youngest of the three of us, used to say she had faith, yet she hasn’t spoken to me for 4 years. Humph!!! it bothered me at first, but after Stan passed away, and no one in her family including my 2 nieces acknowledged Stan’s sudden death, I have put them in the sod all box in my brain, such as it is.:smiley: My life long friend of nearly 72 years told me that she had a box in her head and this is what she called it. She passed away 6 months after my brother, I couldn’t believe it, then Stan too soon afterwards I told off God in no uncertain terms. He had a reason for all this trauma I was going through. I am now going to check my emails and then have my drinking chocolate - thank you Sheila for the idea, and head for the Land of Nod. I have to listen to the radio before I go to sleep. This is our wedding day, 10/9/60
Good night and God Bless,
Take care,
Love, Maryx


Beautiful photo :heart:Xx

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