Your ashes will be ready this week

I had a call today frome the funeral directors your ashes are with them right now babe they are just waiting on the companion urn which should be with them tomorrow and then I can collect your ashes and bring you home I asked them if they could hold on to them for a little while because I’m not sure I’m ready I hope you don’t mind and that I’m not letting you down or disappointing you I will bring you home with me we belong together its just tearing me apart you not being here I love our babies and I’m doing my best for them but I hate everyday without you this empty feeling and the loneliness and the longing for you it doesn’t stop I want to hold so badly I love you pauline with all my heart and soul now and forever I will always be yours my beautiful darling xxxxx


Oh Casey, it is so hard bringing your soulmate home. Make sure you are ready. I wanted to have him home as soon as possible but it was truly heartbreaking when you do. Sending hugs


@Jules4 thanks jules I know I’m not in the right frame of mind right now I have to get my head round it and build up to getting them I keep hoping it’s just a bad dream and I’ll wake up but I know it’s not I really have lost her I feel so broken without her she made me a better person and filled my life with love she was such a sweet beautiful woman


I still hope against hope that it’s not true even though I know it is. I still can’t get my head around it, nothing in life makes any sense any more. Sending hugs

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@Jules4 I understand your right nothing makes sense I Don’t think it ever will not without our soulmates sending hugs I am so sorry you are going through this heartbreak

My lovely wife’s ash is ready now too. I’ll put her in her dad’s columbarium. She loved her dad. 6 months ago she and I together with my daughter went there to pay tribute to her dad. Never imagine now I have to put them together. I don’t want to face it. Just too heartbreaking.

It’s so hard - my husband’s grandmother only dies 10 years ago. Now he’s with her. How can that be right that he only managed to get to 50 when she nearly reached 100? At least he is safely with family now.

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@luckystarhongkong and @Jules4 I am so sorry you are both going through this it truly is heartbreaking but you are right at least they are safe with family now and life is so unfair it seems the good always go young half of Pauline’s ashes are going home to Ireland to go with her mum and dad so she will be with family and the other half will come home with me so that when I go we can be put together I hope she would be happy with that sending hugs to you both

Dear Casey, Pauline would be very happy and proud, our life is unfair now and heartbreaking.
You are in my thoughts !

Take care of your self until you both are together again.

@jack10 thankyou I am so sorry for your loss and the heartbreak we are all going through stay safe take care

hi I pick up My husband ashes last wed I did put it off a bit but on the another side I wanted him home I hated the fact he was there a month he wouldn’t of wanted me to just leave him there but he home now it does upset you seeing the urn but in another it feel nice that he close if u get what I mean

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@sam77 hi Sam I am sorry for your loss I’m still waiting on the companion urn and then I will pick her ashes up when I go I will be cremated and our ashes will be put together as she and I both want I want her home with me thankyou for replying to me