Your Ring (poem)

Your special ring

I’ve worn your ring since the day you left, brings me closer to you at least In my head.

the ring is so special its my connection to you, but it no longer fits the way it used to.

my heart breaks having to take it off, reminds me of all the pain and loss. I will still keep it and hold it close, till the day arrives when I can wear it again with pride.

Always love you mum


Hi, I wear my husbands ring and have done since he left, first on a chain around my neck but it made a noise in the night and I just put it on my finger, it fits and it’s stayed and will do until I pass it on to our youngest son. Bless you Sxxx

That’s really beautiful, these things are such simple things but they mean the world to us don’t they?

I just wish I was able to keep wearing my mums ring. But know matter what happens I will always hold it near My heart. Take care of yourself xxxx