Your support is needed urgently

The Coronavirus crisis is having a devastating impact on Sue Ryder’s services and we urgently need your help right now. All our charity shops have closed and nearly all of our fundraising activities have stopped resulting in a massive drop in our income.

Our Online Community and Online Counselling Service allow bereaved people to easily access the support that’s right for them from their computer, smart phone or tablet. With people isolated in their homes and unable to access face-to-face support, these online services are more important than ever, but we urgently need funding to be able to continue to offer these and our other services.

We are all facing something we have never faced before which is why Sue Ryder has launched an appeal to make sure that we are still here. We are asking you to give whatever you can afford at this difficult time. Every pound you give could make the difference to whether we can be there or not. It is that simple. Please donate at

Hi Priscilla,
I just want to thank you all at sue Ryder, without this site I would be lost. I have donated, hope it helps. We all will be needing all the support we can get especially in this difficult time.
Thank you


This site has been my saviour and we all need each other even more at the moment due to this isolation. So happy to help :+1:


I agree with the above statements. It is a blessing when you feel so alone. I am happy to help also :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I set up a direct debit for a full year after getting wonderful support from your online counselling. I will set this up again and send my sincere thanks for all you do to support us :blue_heart:


not exactly rolling in money but donated in my baby Jaynes memory,if it wasn’t for Jayne spirit inside me guiding me not sure id of donated as funds are very tight at present.but its a very worth while cause and its Jayne saying thank you for trying to help me.


Like above, everyone is struggling with the financial crisis this pandemic has brought and will continue to bring with people’s livelihoods in serious question. It’s not much, but I’ve donated in my Dad’s memory as I can bet that he’s so grateful to this site for being a crutch to me at times. The one place I can really let it out.
After my donation, it said something about Kent Hospice? Despite that not being my chosen option, I’m sure it gets to you all the same despite me clicking online bereavement.

Many thanks to all at Sue Ryder and here’s hoping you can keep doing what you do best.



Thank you all so much for your donations, it means such a lot to us that you would support Sue Ryder at this difficult time.


Hi @Watt92, thank you so much for donating in memory of your dad. Sorry to hear that you got an odd message after your donation - do you remember if you clicked through to donate from the link in my post above, or went to the main Sue Ryder website? I can double-check if the correct confirmation message is going out.

Sue Ryder does run hospices and, if you donate on the main Sue Ryder website, you will be asked whether you donated because of the work of a particular hospice, or because of our online bereavement support. This helps us track where the donations have come from but, as you say, the donation will have come through regardless.

Hi @Priscilla, thank you for a quick reply.
I definitely clicked Online Bereavement after clicking your link. However I may be mistaken. As long as it reaches you and helps in some way that’s fine by me.
If I can help more I’ll follow your link again.
Kind regards :slight_smile:

@Watt92 Thanks so much for pointing that out! I’ve just checked, and, yes, the page had been set up so the wrong thank you message was being shown at the end. I’ve corrected this now. Your donation will still be correctly tracked - it was only that message that was wrong.

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Done. I will keep giving as much as i can when i can.

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