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Would any of you be interested in joining a zoom meeting,so we have the opportunity to talk face to face rather than just type, some of us have been on a long group counselling waiting list ,I’m not a councillor, I lost my wife in july so I fully understand what we are going through,I am trying to set this up any feedback would be much appreciated
steve xx

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Hi @bussteve1 I think @KarenF has set this up. currently its on Fridays at 8pm if you search for ‘first attempt at Zoom meetings’ thread it should give you the link. xx

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Thank you for that didn’t know

Hi @sandi and @bussteve1 - the thread was removed as we can’t share Zoom links publicly, but the discussion has relocated to private messages. If you drop @KarenF a message, @bussteve1, she’ll be able to add you to the thread.

so another spanner in the works

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so can a zoom meeting be done only in a closed meeting ??

Hi @bussteve1, we removed the Zoom meeting thread in order to protect members’ privacy. As this is a public community, it means anyone can see topics without needing to create an account or login. This means that the Zoom meeting link would be accessible to everyone who was browsing the forum. While we’d expect that most people browsing would be people who are looking for support, we can’t guarantee this and trolls do exist online so we’d want to be on the safe side.

The reason we encourage people to keep communications within the community is because we have staff and moderators looking after the space here which helps it stay a safe and supportive platform. When this is taken offline outside of the community, we can no longer keep you and our members safe.

The regular Zoom meeting that KarenF set up is still going on as far as I’m aware, but the link is shared in private messages rather than on the community itself. If you message KarenF, I’m sure she can help. If you wanted to set up your own you can, with the advice we’ve given above.

Take care,

Thank you for that I have msg karenf