5 months without my mum

I can relate to all of this, similar age to you. Mum lived with us. I miss her so much. My husband and son are at work today and I am working from home. It’s so quiet without her, although she was a quiet person herself. Already thinking ahead to birthdays and Christmas without her and wondering how to cope. And all the years ahead. My dad died 39 years ago and I have no siblings so we were close. I would still get grumpy sometimes as I tended to panic if she was unwell. I couldn’t accept she would be gone one day. Hospital let her down and she acquired a bad infection when she was there for something minor. She should still be here. I go into her room often and sit on her bed, look at her books and wonder why she isnt here to read them.

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I lost Mum 4 months ago suddenly, we thought she had dementia over the last few months, but then found out it was a problem with the heart, which we wish we had known sooner. We spent 3 weeks in intensive care with mum at the end which was difficult


Just over 4 months since I lost Mum and just over 3 years since I lost Dad. I’m on an 8 week waiting list to get bereavement counselling and my GP has prescribed me antidepressants. Hoping things will get better. xx