A lot in common!

I’ve just been thinking and analysing, like I do and I’m struck by how grief is the same in general. I guess how we deal with each bit is an individual thing but there is a common element to it. Things I’ve noticed,
We all want to die
We all feel anger, pain and confusion
We all have sleepless nights
We all wonder how we will get through it
We all feel anger and ask why
We all feel robbed and that they were robbed
We all feel it’s unfair that they didn’t get to live their in life
We all feel resentment of other couples happiness
We wonder why others get to live and our partners don’t
We want to die, put it twice as it’s quite a strong feeling we have.
We feel, resentment, fear, loss of security, feel robbed of our future,
So much more, too much to list!
We all feel the same from reading people’s posts . So why is loss so individual and unique to each person when we feel the same?
Just a comment for the day, as someone said this to me yesterday and it meant a lot.
"Loving you changed my life, It should come as no surprise that losing you has done the same. "

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