A month since losing my mother

It’s been a month today since my mother died.Its still so hard and unreal.Mothers day is next week.Thats all i see now is mother’s day everywhere, in shops on adverts etc.Does anyone have any advice to get through mother’s day.When will it stop feeling so painful?

It’s been 4 months since my mum died and like you I feel like Mother’s Day is everywhere. I don’t have any advice because I’m struggling too, but i just wanted to say you’re not alone with your struggle. I’ve unsubscribed to many Mother’s Day emails, but it seems pointless tbh because everywhere I look online is advertising and same for tv. I had thought about hiding away, no tv or social media as the day gets nearer, but I might just tackle it head on because I think avoiding is unrealistic. I’ll arm myself with tissues and have a good cry. It can’t be any worse a day than all we’ve faced everyday since our mums died.
Take care. x

I try and avoid social media in the run up to Mothers Day. I lost my Mum over a year ago and I’ve got the feeling that mothers day will always feel sad.
Take care.

Since writing the above, I’ve noticed an email from etsy trying to get me to buy mothers day related items. It very diffucult to avoid it completely.

Thank you for all your advice.I know it’s hard to avoid.Everytime I walk into a supermarket it’s everywhere.I just find it so hard to be around people.My son has one remaining nan and it hurts so much seeing her with my son knowing my mother is gone.

We don’t have the best relationship anyways.Hearing her talk about what she wants for mother’s day makes me feel physically sick.I suppose she didn’t say it in front of me.

My mother wasn’t the biggest fan of mother’s day she never felt like she was good enough.I feel like that now as a mother myself.I know my son loves me. I share custody with his father and I try to do my best but I never feel good enough.

Hello @StarHeart

I’m sorry for your loss.

I lost my Mum 12 weeks ago. Strangely the thought of Mother’s Day isn’t upsetting me too much, I’m not sure why. I am dreading my Mum’s birthday in May though and also her first anniversary.

I’m going to buy my Mum a card and a little decoration for her grave (hate that word). I’m not sure why I’m not dreading the day, it might be a different story when it arrives.

I hope you manage to cope x

Thank you.Im sorry for your loss.Im feeling a bit better about mother’s day I’m going to just enjoy the day with my son and make it special for him because my mother was everything to him.
My mother’s birthday was in May too.For me i think facing any kind of holiday without my mother is hard at the moment.Its just a reminder that she’s not here.My emotions are all over the place.Sometimes I just feel so angry at the world and feel like it’s so unfair.

I think that’s a lovely idea what you want to do for your mum.I hate the word grave too.There should be nicer word for it.
I hope you find ways to cope too x

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