A Religious and Spiritual thread

I do think that maybe it’s time for such a thread. But first of all thank you so much to all my friends who have sent messages. Much appreciated.
I suggest that those who have had comfort from a religious experience or a feeling of spirituality to use this thread. So much misunderstanding can result if we post our beliefs on the general body of the site. No one should feel their views will not be met with tolerance and understanding.
Criticism and judgement have no place here, although views may differ, they need be met with the understanding they deserve.
Comfort, from wherever it comes, is not to be rejected. We are all suffering in one way or another, and it’s that suffering is what joins us in a common bond. So anyone on a Spiritual journey can post on here knowing they will not be misunderstood. Blessings to all. John.


Hi Khanye. Your post was so thought provoking and sad. But the fact you found some comfort in your beliefs shows we can sometimes find solace in our deeply felt thoughts. Prayer is powerful, and I have literally seen and heard of prayer doing such wonders and even miracles. The community in which I live has Christian prayer at its base, but anyone from any religion or denomination is welcome. Hundreds write in every day for help in prayer from all over the world. We are a registered charity, and although many of us here are not overtly religious, we do have faith in that this life is not the end but maybe the beginning of our long journey. Thank you for your heartfelt post. John.

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Incidentally, no need to put a ‘health warning’ on your posts on this thread. It will obviously contain religious content, that’s what it’s about!!

Hi Jonathan,
I really appreciate the creation of this new thread. At least whoever comes here will know that they are coming to read spiritual encouragement. I am happy to interact with people of all faiths and I do not believe anyone should ever be rejected. Everyone is entitled to their comfort. I will continue to share what has helped me and state things from my own perspective. I do not claim to know anything better than anyone else but I will share how I have been through things in the way I believe myself. So I wish all who shall read my writings a special blessing.

Thank you.
I actually wrote a whole book of almost 300 pages documenting my life through grief but when I tried to share it I learned that I could not do that. So I will take it one day at a time here. Incidentally, some few people elsewhere who are also not Christians thanked me for sharing my story. They said they felt encouraged and soothed. So I know that documenting my pain, even though it hurt, is very helpful to another person. Nobody should ever be made to feel sorry for expressing their painful experience of grief from any dimension of belief, even if it is exactly the opposite thing to our beliefs and understanding. We can only share and encourage each other! Glad to have this privilege.

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Oh yes Khanye. You are certainly welcome on this thread, and I hope everyone abides by the Sue Ryder guidelines. Best wishes. John.